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Ak'chamel are three malevolent witch-doctors who cast spells of sickness while forging alchemy of sin and sound. They are the "giver of illness"; here to sell portions of your soul to the Earth-Lord, and bring death to your ears. Formerly known as CHAIRS, the trio has done a southern tour in the U.S while defiling viewers and listeners with alluring costumed performances and limited cassettes.

Ak'chamel are:

  • Pyramids Of Amnesia (2013)
  • The Divine Vine Tapes (2013)
  • Ak'chamel/The Big Drum in the Sky Religion Split (2013)
  • Old Norse Mara (2013)
  • The Unseen Traveller (2014)
  • Lowlands of Hteklum (2014)
  • My Form Has Been Extinguished VHS (2014)
  • Fucking with Spirits (2014)
  • Foreskin of Enlightment (2015)