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Alarm Pressure is a project launched by Nick Acorne and Den Mitchell in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 2008. The band began with electronic experimental records, over time evolving and enriching its musical style, and gradually transforming it into acoustical jazz, britpop, indie and sometimes punk or avant-garde. Over the past few years, Alarm Pressure played more than 50 gigs in Ukraine, Germany and Austria. Today the line-up is fully international: permanent members of the band live in Kharkiv, Moskow and Graz, while the latest album recordings also include contributions by musicians from Cologne, Constance, Kiev and Bratislava.
Madness Heals is Alarm Pressure’s third LP. The album is the result of the work of several musicians who recorded separately in different cities in close cooperation with Nick Acorne and Den Mitchell. The consistency and richness of the sound is the result of the extraordinary original arrangements by Nick Acorne, and also Felix Brielmaier’s sublime mixing and mastering. One of the most unique features of the album is the deep and rich voice of Leonie Ludwig from Cologne, who worked on the album together with the band's permanent vocalist Den Mitchell. The diversity of the instruments and effects, the original lyrics and radiant, powerful grooves make Madness Heals a breakthrough album for the band.

Alarm Pressure are:
  • Nick Acorne
  • Den Mitchell
  • Steven Dedal
  • CON (2008)
  • Bad Musicians, Good Lovers EP (2010)
  • Madness Heals (2012)
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