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Two producers from the east of england specialising in sample-heavy noise music that draws heavily from Drone producers, such as Stars of Lid, Sunn O))) and Boris, however predominantly utilising samples, synth but also introducing heavily distorted guitars, vocals, dreamy shoegaze style interludes, tape loops, drones and more in their russian soundscape.

Bleak Russian Soundscape are:
  • Anonymous #1
  • Anonymous #2

  • Horse Gecko EP (Unknown)
  • 11:04 pm, 3rd of July (Unknown)
  • Musik Fur Traume (Unknown)
  • O' (Unknown)
  • A Drop of Ink in the Ocean - The Warmth of The Earth in Vast Space (2010)
  • The Pylon (2010)
  • Belmont's Final Transmission (2010)
  • Train Drone EP (2011)
  • A Pattern Of Islands (2012)