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Cenere Muto's project was born in 2009. It has a strong relationship with italian literature, which is the conceptual and structural starting point of all its works, and with improvisation, which is the musical way of working of the musicians who made up this project. Cenere Muto is a strange mixture of genres, from folk to noise, from ambient to jazz, passing through blues, electronic music and much more, in a very free formula. Its first work is the split with Occulta Struttura and Nox Illunis (released through DNA Collective in 2009). Cenere Muto released "GianBattista Vico" in 2011 with the collaboration of DNA Collective and Frohike Records.

Cenere Muto are:
  • A.
  • E.

  • Split Occulta Struttura/Nox Illunis/Cenere Muto (2009)
  • GianBattista Vico (2011)
  • Sulle Spoglie Carni (2014)
  • Ho visto animali fuggire altri animali (pt I - pt II) (2015)

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