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Cherry Blossom Chains is a project born from the suffering and pain of life. This is a very personal project which draws inspiration directly from bad and good feelings. It's a way to express what can't be expressed. Due to the nature of the project, C.B.C. was initially intended to be an experimental and atmospheric Black Metal project and some of the first songs were written in that way; but after some time it changed into a Dark/Electronic project. However it is possible that in the future the music will change again as it depends on what has to be expressed. C.B.C. has only one member named Andrea (sometimes known as Vlakorados or Insanity). He lives in northern Italy (Varese, Lombardy) and works as a programmer and web designer. He started making music just for fun in 2009 with his Lolicore project Bloody Vomit Bukkake. In late 2011 he decided to create C.B.C. which will focus on more serious sounds.

Cherry Blossom Chains is:
  • Andrea/Vlakorados
  • Enslavement Through Flowers (2012)
  • Enlightening Her Dark Street (2013)
  • SPD Vol. I (2013)
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