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This project has its beginning in the year 2006. It is a result of a natural curiousity, need and a desire for self-expression, rather than a conscious or particular creative aim. It puts together elements of a boundless jigsaw, a sort of musical puzzle that is not confined to any limitations of genre or style. There is no specific meaning or message as such, it is an attempt to translate Lukasz Danielak innermost obsessions, basic human emotions and experiences onto music. The substance used in the creation of this sound matter consists of traditional instruments as well as various numerous objects surrounding Lukasz in his reality.

Lukasz Danielak is:
  • Lukasz Danielak

  • Noeza (released under the pseudonym of LIGHT by Kaos ex machina; 2009)
  • Gnostic Flowers (2009)
  • Evolving Spheres (2010)

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