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Marmalade Feud are absurdist sound hybridization enthusiasts, with fondness for metal, ambient, drone, improv, spectralism, noise, and free jazz. We're currently pissing in Boston while we trudge through institutional academia at Berklee College of Music. We've been inspired by the chaotic anarchy of the world wide webs and its striking resemblance to the human neural system, and post-industrial society at large. Marmalade Feud is not afraid of the quickly approaching singularity; in fact, we embrace the idea of fusing humanity with our electronic counterparts. The world is at a tipping point, and we intend to lightly shove it into the abyss with our aural, cerebral kinesis. We want to bludgeon people with our sounds. Marmalade Feud has been playing music together for a year.
Marmalade Feud are:
  • Edward (Campbell) Longo [was born a few miles west of the spiritual Crow reservation underneath the lonesome highways of Montana. Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist and sound chef who prefers music in a condensed, concentrated form. Stuff that can be appreciated years later, especially in an Armageddon. He is 24.]
  • Charles Ray [explorer, songsmith, deep sleeper, Adorno admirer, vocalista, American. Hails from Montana via North Carolina. He brings to the table the tomato cajun noise machine. He has the vocal range of a robot programmed to sing like a trained 22 year old human.]
  • Pulp [2,000 years ago apparitions from a distant netherworld descended on our planet to form a concrete civilization within the depths of consciousness. These apparitions knew what had to be done and created a descendant. This man can only be described as the cosmic energy of all life and death in every dimension in every conscious or unconscious thought. What you hear in the recordings that appear to be drums is actually an extension of your own consciousness taking physical form in the shape of a man. That manís name is Pulp. He is 22(ish).]
  • Citrus Slaughter (2012)
  • Born Again Virgins (2012)
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