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Nox Illunis came from the outer space (2006), as an open collaboration of several artists. During the eons, creatures from other dimensions landed on the Nox Illunis world, to shape and develope the black flame, shining through Universe. The project sums up all the suffering of the roaming starships coming from light years away. In 2009 the project evolved to a superior firepower by receveing new levels of counsciousness in its collective: the gathered forces will act to serve the new order of decay and provide sidereal black frequencies at the end of all things. Up to this moment members of the lodge released two full-length: "In Sideris Penumbra" and "Metempshycosis".

Nox Illunis are:
  • Noxfero
  • Tomhet
  • Kaos
  • Master

  • Demo (2008)
  • Split Occulta Struttura/Nox Illunis/Cenere Muto (2009)
  • In Sideris Penumbra (2010)
  • Metempshycosis (2012)

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