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Ornitology is an Andrea Scevola's project; born as an album of his main project, it has defined itself as a creature with its own precise idenitity, different from the original project for a simpler use of sounds, destructured shapes and intermittent melodies which were influenced by authors such as Sylvian and Fennesz. If in the first Andrea Scevola's project the urban landscape is where the music is shaped and shapes the image, here in Ornitology the protagonist is the classical landscape, painted with light and gloomy electric shots.
"Ornitology has a particular appeal, a depth of perception which links the native ground and the infinite. Furthermore, it is consecrated to the splendour and fullness of life."
Ernst Junger. Eumeswil

Ornitology are:
  • Andrea Scevola
  • Pierluigi Cagnazzo
  • Ornitology EP (2009)
  • The Last Farmer (2009)
  • Death Of A Son (2009)
  • The Others Are Dead, You Can Go Home EP (2009)
  • Concrete (2009)
  • Hybris (2010)
  • Death Of A Son + (2010)
  • Drownedsun Ep (2012)
  • A Natural History 2009-2010 (2013)
  • Quis ut Deus (2013)
  • A Soul Geography (2013)
  • Large Part of The Magnificent Doorway (split with Vacuum) (2014)