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The Steam Cloud trio was first created in 2008, by Ismail Lamei alongside Loic Vigor, Seif Gaber, and then Vasco Almeida Ribeiro, in Cairo, Egypt, as a four member jazz fusion band. The band was simply entitled Cairo Jam Sessions ( When Vasco Almeida Ribeiro, a portuguese guitarist and bassist, left the band in 2009, Steam Cloud was founded, Seif Gaber took the bass and the group went for a more experimental approach, different methods of instrumentation and composition where formed, and the band started playing improvisational music. Steam Cloud instantly started working on their first debut album, which took a total of two years to work on in a music course classroom, with poor equipment and in a very low fi fashion. In June 2010 the album was complete. In 2011, all three members left Egypt, and went to study in France, but the group did not disband. Ismail Lamei and Seif Gaber where in Paris and Loic Vigor in Reims, which gave the opportunity for the group to keep in touch, and still continue to do music. They concentrated this year on new improvisational methods, and made a collective of improvisations called Sunday Morning EP.

Steam Cloud are:
  • Loic Vigor
  • Seif Gaber
  • Ismail Lamei
  • Industry: Dominant And Dimished (2011)
  • Sunday Morning EP (2011)
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