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It sounds like a 12 strings guitar and a coffee mug. Or maybe like the sound of a mans footsteps as he walks alone among the dark juniper trees in the valley under the Animas Peaks a cold early autumn evening while the sky quietly changes from dark red to dark nothingness. This is Stillheten's sound maybe.

Stillheten is:
  • Stillheten

  • Requiem For A Loving God (2009)
  • I Ensamhetens Kapell (2009)
  • Frusen (Collection of Requiem For A Loving God, I ensamhetens kapell and bonus stuff; 2011)
  • The Right And God Made Sun Did Rise (2011)
  • Septuagesima (2012)
  • Stabat Mater Raga (2014)
  • Job (2014)

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