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The project Suavitas Imbris was born in the Autumn 2008, from the young mind of Elish, an eclectic musician with the passion for composing.
Since the beginning the idea was to create something musically and conceptually mature, distant from juvenile emulations and fascinations. The project wants to be the product of the different musical and ideological influences of the artist, based on the love for philosophy and poetry and a nihilistic conception of the existence and the human condition. Suavitas Imbris praise the worshipping of themselves, an extreme individualism, and the research of serenity. Musically, the project is a mixture of romantic-acoustic music, avantgarde black-doom metal, ambient and a lot of influences from jazz to classical, with a little touch of South America. Suavitas Imbris is a project leaded by Elish, with the help of Francesco Genduso (guitars and bass), Leandro Beikes (classical guitar) and of the pianist Giovanni Zuppardo (his father) for some piano parts and arrangements. Suavitas Imbris released only one full-lenght called "Ars et Doctrina" in collaboration with D.N.A. Collective.

Suavitas Imbris are:
  • Elish
  • Giovanni Zuppardo
  • Francesco Genduso
  • Leandro Beikes

  • Ars Et Doctrina (2009)

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