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Urgon Gorgon was formed in the summer of 2008 in Kanata, Canada when Damjan Markovic and Lucas Marincak met for the first time with the intent of making original music. After a year and a half of trying out different musicians and recording lengthy free improvisations + extended compositions, the duo decided to write many songs and record an albums-worth of material, before they were each to move away. For two months Damjan, Lucas and various friends recorded 18 songs which became the album "Cesspool". Then the group got together again to record a live performance. In 2010 the band went on a hiatus when Lucas moved to India and Damjan to Toronto, each for one year. During the hiatus, they reconvened shortly one last time over the Christmas holidays to record Highlights From The Solstice Eclipse (Live). The group officially disbanded in 2011.
Urgon Gorgon are:
  • Lucas Marincak [Vox, Guitar, Fretless Bass, Sax, Acting]
  • Damjan Markovic [Vox, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums]
Friends who help UG along the way:
  • Chris Love [Trumpet, Drums, Vox]
  • Ben Forrest [Drums, Guitar, Narration]
  • Colin Lloyd [Keyboards]
  • Eric Massoud [Equipment]
  • Live (2010)
  • Beyond The Astral Plane EP (2010)
  • Cesspool (2010)
  • Feel It (single EP) (2011)
  • Highlights From The Solstice Eclipse (Live) (2011)
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