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Voland, from Bergamo, Italy, owe their name to the way Satan is called in Michail Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita". The band, by their first homonymous EP "Voland", pay homage to the charm of a land they feel very close to: Russia, achieving a project which mixes the typical symphonic black sounds with the harmonies of the Russian tradition and culture. The EP, despite its shortness, has the structure of a concept album. The three songs tell about key episodes of Russian history, ordered from the most recent to the most ancient: the siege of Leningrad, when the population, despite famine, cold and illness resisted 900 days against the nazi attack; the most celebrated "Russian Campaign" of 1812 when, actually, Napoleon's empire came to an end; the battle of Lake Peipus when in 1242 Prince Aleksandr Nevskij defeated, after an epic battle, the Teutonic Order, ending in such a way all crusade military campaigns on the Russian territory. These three events are tragic and epic at the same time. Three true stories. The band couldn't find better material to work on.
After some difficult times, Voland reborn and is now working on new stuff. More news to come.

Voland are:
  • Davide Forotti
  • Andrea Zappalaglio

  • Voland

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