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"I'm English and I'm currently living in China, working as a language teacher. I've been recording music since 2007, using an analogue synthesiser and a drum machine. I've recorded several albums and some EPs, recently I've been trying to improve the way in which I produce my work, and I've been trying to create a more finished sound. It is difficult to categorise the music that I make, it is made of improvised parts and is generally experimental, but I listen to a broad range of music and I enjoy many musical styles, the music I make reflects the fact that I'm not interested in just one type of sound." Zanetto's words.

Zanetto are:
  • Zanetto
  • Personae (2010)
  • Slight And Waspish - Early Works '08-'09 (2011)
  • Sour Fun (2011)
  • Dead People On Their Summer Holidays EP (2011)
  • Lascar (2012)